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Messengers 1.


A Glass Rope was published as a e-book last year. You can read it on most e-reading devices, including i-pads. More information about it is at:

The flier for A Glass Rope is downloadable here.

My next prose projects are to publish Won't Get Fooled Again, a new novel, as an e-book and to publish A Glass Rope as a printed book.

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I have been featured poet at the Henley Arts Festival; read at the Henley Literary Festival, and have talked on the role of poetry in encouraging business creativity on Radio 5 Live. I published Dreams and Responsibilities: Selected Poems 1986 -1996 in 1996, together with a tape of poetry readings and musical performances.

I have been working on a three volume poem, Messengers since September 2005.It tells the story of one person's adventures in the afterlife.The first volume 'Location. Location, Location' is now available from Only Connect Publishing in a signed, numbered limited edition. Volume 2 Going Through All These Things Twice is on its 25th draft and I'm researching Volume 3.

Gemini Four is also available from me !




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